How to change your LST password

How to choose a good password

A password should be 10 characters or longer. A practical approach for choosing a new passwords is to

 (Log in to
 apg -a0 -MNLC -t -m10 -x10

Passwords generated this way will take on average approximately 64 years to be broken by a 8xTitan-X GPU cluster node.

How to change your password

To change your password please log in with SecureShell (ssh) to '' and enter the command "passwd".

 ssh <your-username>

In case of a "kerberos" messages, please log out and log in and try again.

More information on passwords

A password should be


A very good way to create hard to guess, yet easy to remember passwords (or passphrases) is to employ the "diceware" method using real world, physical dice. In short

A more detailled description including word lists for many languages can be found here:

Mini FAQ

Q: If I use more than 10 characters I am more secure, right?
A: No, not really. Currently we consider a 10 random character password "safe", but feel free to use longer passwords. Please consider that there are other ways to attack your account besides a brute force password attack. Be aware of the fact that there is no perfect security.

Q: How about passwords I use on the Internet with my web browser?
A: We recommend using a password manager/password generator, like "keepassx", to create and store long (>30 chars) random passwords. We also recommend using the built in web browser password storage, but it is mandatory to use a strong (see above) master password (Firefox: Preferences -> Security -> Change Master Password) when doing so!

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